Oklahoma Capitol Culture is a non-profit organization working to build a culture of civility, integrity and servant leadership in Oklahoma. We are governed by a board of proven leaders in business, state government and non-profit sectors.


Funded by partners like you, we promote civility, integrity and servant leadership in 3 ways:

Our Founder and President Dr. Joel W. Harder is currently the Chaplain of the Oklahoma House of Representatives. An experienced consultant and organizer, he is committed to shaping the culture among policymakers and other influencers through non-lobbying and non-political engagement.


Dr. Harder is also the author of When Leaders Matter: How Civility, Integrity, and the Leaders We Need are Possible, published in 2020 by Insight International Press.


We organize events that inspire
and unite Oklahomans.


We provide resources for shaping a positive leadership culture.


We connect, support and advise leaders who share our vision for cultural change.

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