Building a culture of civility, integrity, and

servant leadership in Oklahoma





When these forces damage the culture in our highest levels of power, it impacts everything. We can’t dismiss “politics as usual” when those politics seep into every corner of our lives. Turn on the news. Scroll through social media. Gather with neighbors. Too often, the narrative in our personal space is burdened with the same division, distrust and dysfunction we disdain in political leadership.


Our damaged political culture isn’t sequestered to the chambers of government.  It now infiltrates our organizations, our communities and our homes.


It’s no wonder that so many of us are hungry for something better. We want more for Oklahoma…more integrity, more progress, more good.


We know we can do better, because we are better.


The Oklahoma Legislative Fellowship Program creates exceptional opportunities for an emerging leader from each Oklahoma House and Senate district across the state.

Legislative Fellows will build new and lasting relationships with class members, legislators, business leaders, and public policy experts. The program culminates with a group capstone policy project.


Fellows are eligible for an educational scholarship upon successful completion of the program


Who can apply:

Recently graduated high school students between18-23 years of age at the time the program begins.

Program schedule:

Monthly fellowship seminars from August through June.

Apply for the Oklahoma Legislative Fellowship Program beginning in May 2021.

Let's build a better Oklahoma together.

At Oklahoma Capitol Culture, we envision an Oklahoma shaped by civility, integrity and servant leadership—starting in our highest levels of power. When our leaders embrace and model these values, everything changes. Meaningful dialogue happens. Innovative solutions emerge. Trust is built. Progress is made. Instead of hurting Oklahoma, the culture strengthens Oklahoma.


With support from partners like you, we’re building this culture in exciting ways.

Our Values

  • Civility

  • Integrity

  • Servant Leadership

Oklahoma Capitol Culture promotes civility, integrity and servant leadership in 3 ways:

We’ve spent years working in government, business

and non-profits, and our experience has proven something exciting.


When leaders are engaged and given the right resources and opportunities,

a positive leadership culture is possible.


We organize opportunities that inspire
and unite Oklahomans.


We provide resources for shaping a positive leadership culture.


We connect, support and advise leaders who share our vision for cultural change.





Things are Shifting

Across Oklahoma, things are shifting. More and more people are calling on leaders to challenge the status quo. They want to see less division and more civility, integrity and servant leadership. They want to be inspired and united. We saw this most recently at our signature event, the 2020 Oklahoma Governor’s Prayer Breakfast:


  • 1200 attendees from government, business & non-profits

  • 44 statewide remote locations

  • People from diverse political & religious backgrounds, all united to pray for Oklahoma


These are the opportunities are transforming our culture. And they’re only possible because of the funding we receive from partners like you.


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Oklahoma City, OK 73104​

(202) 503-9436

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