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TulsaWorld OpEd | Three steps we can all take to restore a basic sense of respect and decency in public life

Next, resist looking at culture in terms of us and them. Thinking this way breaks society into factions where we become increasingly stratified, bitterly disdainful and fearful of one another. One way to tear down the barriers that divide us is to start closer to home. Focusing on our more immediate community helps us to see each other as neighbors with whom we can find common ground and creative solutions to shared problems. We are in this together.

The Oklahoman OpEd | Point of View: Responding to vandalism, racism and hate

The first response is to confront what is not good. Jesus told his followers to be salt and light in the world. He meant them to live in contrast by illumining what is good and exposing the darkness for what it is.

The Oklahoman OpEd | Pastor: A Call to Pray for Gridlocked Oklahoma Legislature

The Oklahoman OpEd | Oklahoma Minister: Perspective, Prayer and the Teacher Walkout

Baptist Messenger OpEd | Prayer More Powerful than Politics

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