Oklahoma Governor's

Prayer Breakfast

Governor and First Lady Kevin and Sarah Stitt call for prayer through the first annual Oklahoma Governor’s Prayer Breakfast on February 18, 2020.


Modeled off the National Prayer Breakfast, the Oklahoma Governor’s Prayer Breakfast (OKGPB) will gather state and local leaders to humbly ask God for guidance and to bless the state of Oklahoma and the convening legislative session.


State legislators, elected officials, and members of the administration will gather together in the opening days of the legislative session with members of the business community, faith community, and Oklahomans across the state in a spirit of unity and to pray for all in Oklahoma to thrive.

The OKGPB provides an opportunity to acknowledge the sovereignty of God, pray for guidance, and ask God to bless the state of Oklahoma. Participants will also pray for God’s wisdom and blessing over the upcoming legislative session and express the support of the faith community for all those who serve in state and local government.

Visit the OKGPB Website for more information at PrayForOklahoma.com.

© 2019 by Oklahoma Capitol Culture | Photography by JHarderPhotography

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